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i’m here.

May 26, 2011

and i’m still pretty sleepy, and the last thing i want to be doing right now is sitting at the computer, so this will probably be a pretty lame post. and sorry, no pictures yet. i have never figured out how to feel comfortable whipping out a camera in most situations–i promise, i’m working on it! last night i got in, got picked up at the airport by a really nice man and his wife and kid who work at the school, and drove up into the hills/mountains for about an hour, and promptly got dropped off at my host family’s house. which is awesome. they are so nice. it’s a plot of land with lots of trees, chickens and dogs running around, and a few little houses, in one of which i slept in a really nice comfortable bed. ahhh. the kitchen is sort of outside sort of inside, and that’s where i ate my (here’s the part where i talk about what i eat for breakfast) pineapple, mango, bananas, toast, and cafe con leche this morning, while talking to the matriarch of the family, rosa. she is so nice. she and her husband, and some of their grown kids, and grandkids, all live in this home. one daughter, a medical student, will be home from school this weekend. i look forward to meeting all of them and um, remembering all of their names.
soon alex, the intern from the school, came down to gather me up and we walked the short distance to la mariposa, where she gave me a little tour. it is staggeringly beautiful here! again, i’ll try and take some pictures soon, but if you check out the link to their website, you can see some. but it’s so much more beautiful than the pictures! and everyone seems nice, interesting, etc. staff and students alike. i have my first spanish class this afternoon, and tomorrow alex will take me down to the clinic in the morning to meet staff and get a better idea of what i’ll be doing there starting next week. i’m excited! ok, and nervous. but i’m very excited.
for now, i’m gonna put this computer away and sit down and be quiet on the garden-ous patio.

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  1. Jessica Comerford permalink

    sounds wonderful besty! makes me long for an adventure!

  2. Jane Ranum permalink

    Well we anxiously await your photos. It all sounds great. I can’t wait to share this with Jim. He will be glad to know you arrived safely and that you are really feeling good about the host family and the school. This is my first posting. Like mother, like daughter! I only do so much with new ways of sharing information with technology. But I sure am glad we have this ability to keep in touch with you this summer. How does this place compare to our visits outside of Tulum at Peter’s place?

  3. Nancy Beach permalink

    Sounds idyllic. Looking forward to reading more. But, most importantly, Betsy, just ENJOY it!!

  4. Ruby Nicholson permalink

    Wow! Betsy this makes me more excited about going than I already have been and a little less nervous. I hope that you will be caught up on sleep for the most part before you go to the clinic tomorrow. Good luck going there for the first time. This morning I woke up and thought, Betsy is in Nicaragua waking up right now, and I am heading off to school. The Adele concert got canceled because she was sick with laringitis! I can’t believe it! At least it got rescheduled, so I hope I’m here when it happens.
    The place where you are staying sounds wonderful, especially the kitchen, and your little room. I wish that we had a breakfast of fresh tropical fruit to wake up to every morning, that sounds delicious. Even the bucket wash sounds awesome. Hope your first Spanish lesson went well, and you have a good day at the clinic. Hopefully we can see some pictures and hear more soon. 🙂

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