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May 28, 2011

i did take some pictures, i swear. but the internet connection is so spotty and slow that so far they haven’t successfully uploaded. i’ll work on it. the cute pictures of the little rescued monkeys picking bugs off each other they have at la mariposa will have to wait. πŸ™‚
i went down to the clinic yesterday morning, to meet with staff and get a better idea what i might be doing next week, but none of the three people i could have talked with were there…so i’ll be going back tuesday…because monday is mother’s day in nicaragua, which is enough of a holiday here to close the health clinic! go mother’s day! i can’t lie, i’m pretty nervous, about pretty much everything i could possibly be nervous about (what if my spanish isn’t good enough? what if they don’t like me? what if i can’t find the bathroom?), but i’m excited, too. the intern here told me most medications are prescribed in injection form here, so i’ll probably be giving lots of shots. who else but a nursing student could get excited about the idea of giving “lots of shots”? the walk to the clinic is steep uphill about a half hour, but the view is stunning, check out the picture i took, oh. sorry. (i really did take a pic.) you can see all this green below, towns, volcanoes in the distance. there is also a little bus you can take, but you know to me, walking uphill for a half hour sounds almost as exciting as giving lots of shots, cause i’m crazy like that!
what else? not much else, i guess. i went to the beach today with some people from school, and we left when it suddenly started a torrential downpour. it’s the rain season here, so far it just keeps raining really hard like that, clearing up beautifully, repeat. and i didn’t take people here seriously on the bug repellent thing…and consequently i think i have more mosquito bites than i have had in my life, and it’s a little uncomfortable. perhaps now i will start to wear bug repellent. πŸ™‚
the last time i was so far away, doing this sort of travel was maybe eight years ago? and i still find it to be a dynamic mix of relaxing, anxiety-producing, lonely and inspiring. troubles from home stay close to my heart, and it can be awkward to stay in a new home, depend on strangers, and inevitably feel like a big idiot from time to time. and yet all of those things bring me humility, and seeing more of our strange and beautiful world makes me feel so grateful. ahem. thanks so much for reading. i’m gonna stop now. i’m wishing lots of love to everyone.

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  1. Loved seeing these photos. So lush, it’s like paradise.

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