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May 30, 2011

a good internet connection at last! pictures at last, a few.
–the view walking back from the clinic in town, those are volcanoes in the distance!
–monkeys! i think half the pictures i’ve taken are of the monkeys. i mean, what would you do? part of the “eco-hotel” schtick here is rescuing and sometimes releasing monkeys, birds, iguanas, dogs, etc. they say the monkeys are too tamed to safely release into the wild. that’s what i would say, too.
–the patio here at school
–and the front gate. so pretty!
things are good. it is mother’s day here, lots of parties, food, drink, music, it’s really fun. they had a party here with the staff and the students, lots of dancing, cake and punch with a little rum. it was super fun. we played musical chairs! i don’t know why. i haven’t played that in so long, but it was really fun and i laughed so hard, it was great. ruby and alice i was wishing you were here but i’m sure there will be other celebrations when you are here.
i hope this finds everyone well!

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  1. Ab and Dianne permalink

    I am so glad you are doing this blog. It is great to hear about your adventures and see the pictures. In no time you will be a native and all your unsure and scary moments will pass.
    Love you

  2. Those monkey’s are pretty dang cute. You want to bring one home for me?

    • there are about 10. how many you want? their favorite food is raw eggs, so start stocking up. xo!

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