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June 26, 2011

Dear Everyone-family and friends,
This is Ruby here reporting from the far of land of Nicaragua. Can you read me?Just kidding… this is my first blog post since I got to nicaragua and I have managed to take a few pictures and successfully upload them thanks to the new and improved internet service (says Betsy). It has been pretty crazy since we Alice and I got here and very overwhelming at times, but it has also been a great experience so far to be in a new place like this. Nicaragua is so different from anywhere else I’ve been, there are so many new things to see and learn.
My host family is super nice. My sister speaks a good deal of English because she takes classes at the university and is studying to become an English teacher so I am happy because it is a lot easier to communicate. Her name is Maricela. My mother, Aura, and father, Hernaldo, are also very nice. Hernaldo is very funny-always gesturing and trying to help me understand something. Aura is very sweet, giving me hugs and preparing our meals, which are delightful so far. It took a couple nights to get used to the living arrangement (outhouse, shower, food, room, etc.) but I am slowly becoming more accustomed to it all. I took my first bucket shower last night and I took another one today. I really love it! I think it is so much fun and so nice and refreshing. The first shower I took was at the one at the hotel that everyone can use-it has an actual shower head but it is still outside. I really enjoyed that one to. It’s walls are made of rock, which makes it nice and cool in there and I can here the bird calls around me. ahhh…wonderful.
The Mariposa is really beautiful-more so than I imagined. I love all of the different animals that live here: the monkeys, dogs (including the puppies! I will get a picture of them soon), birds, cats, and chickens. It is so nice to hear them making all kinds of noises around the hotel all day. The monkeys can be pretty funny, screeching away. I had my first Spanish lessons last week. Everyone who works here is so nice, friendly, and extremely patient.
There has been a lot of partying around here the last few days-even now I can here the music from somewhere in town. They are celebrating the Saint that the town was named after. Last night Betsy, Alice and I went to a fiesta. It was kinda crazy, but I actually danced, believe it or not… not that that changes anything back home, but it was pretty fun.I also went on a trip to Leon yesterday, a city in Nicaragua about an hour and a half dive away at least, I think. We went to an art museum, which was really exciting to see artwork in a different country. We also went to an amazing, old cathedral. It was really beautiful. We ate lunch at a really good vegetarian restaurant, which I thought was kind of funny that it was vegetarian. It was so yummy, I got quesadillas. mmmmm.On our way back we stopped at a sight where there were some ruins that were fun to walk around in for a while.
Today Betsy and I went horseback riding up into the mountains and we got a beautiful view of Nicaragua! My horses name was pepper. I loved her! she was so sweet. The lady who runs La Mariposa told me she had just had a baby a little while ago. That was a lot of fun. Well, there is a lot to talk about but I am going to take a little snooze in a hammock in La Mariposa. 🙂 I will try to post as regularly as I can. I miss you all back home, but I know you are having a good summer there, as I am here. Lots of Love, Ruby



View of a big crater of a volcano.

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  1. Ruby, you are a great blogger and photographer. Keep the posts coming.

  2. Ruby, you are a great blogger and photographer.

  3. Tara permalink

    Ruby!!! So exciting and wonderful to hear the news and see the pictures! Thank you for sharing! I look forward to your next post, what beautiful images you painted for us! Much love, Aunt Tara

  4. whoa that’s so exciting about the horse! (and everything else) It looks so rich and green everywhere. Eat some fruit for me 🙂

  5. Geoffrey permalink

    Great pictures, Ruby! You really have the eye of a photographer.

    (now back home in Canada)

  6. Sally Brown permalink

    What a great experience you are having. I loved reading your blog that Maggie sent on to me. Good pics.
    Love Sally Brown

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