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technical difficulties.

July 17, 2011

we are still here, but see my computer is not doing so hot. i think it’s the battery is tired and the solar power here has been negligible since it has been raining most of the day for the past 5ish days! so i’m borrowing someone’s computer, and the little time we were finding to do computer stuff has diminished even more so. so the photos of mine and alice’s near-death experiences riding horses on the edge of a cliff of a volcano will have to wait. (parents: “near-death” is an exaggeration! sort of. 🙂 ) and of my/our friend regina’s visit here, who was joined a few days later by her husband, and some of the adventures we got into, including a 2-year-old’s birthday party. we will try to upload some stuff when we get home. we will try to post again before we leave…on wednesday! love to everyone!

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  1. Betsy, Ruby & Alice,
    I have thoroughly enjoyed every post and have meant to tell you so all along…I actually look forward to the next installment and my heart leaps a little when I find a new post in my inbox.
    Truth be told though, Betsy, I would have liked to hear a lot more about what you ate for breakfast (lunch and dinner). Maybe you can fill me in when you get back. I will be sorry to end the mariposa summer but happy to see you three lovely ladies again soon! xo, terra

    • thanks so much terra. i can´t wait to see you also. maybe over dinner or drinks or something í´ll fill you in on the breakfast lunch dinner piece…hope you guys are doing well

  2. Katrina Croft permalink

    I thought you transferred your blog duties onto a Zoe and Jeremy. I read a few paragraphs before I realized that I was on the wrong blog and I had typed your URL ending incorrectly. What a surprise when he started talking about Betsy and Alice!!
    I think you are flying in a plane right now. Happy trails and see you soon!

    • haaa! yeah we were pretty mad when they stole our name, but we’ll probly just sue them like those twins in the facebook movie. i’m home, i’m gonna try and put up some pics and stuff, i’ll call you or call me soon!!!

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