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What are we doing?

I–betsy–i’ll be in la concha, nicaragua from may 25 to july 20 this summer. my plan: to study spanish at la mariposa, an eco-hotel/spanish school in nicaragua, volunteer at a community health clinic, and stay with a host family in town.
but wait, it gets better! the lovely ruby (age 15) and alice (well, she’ll be 13 in june) nicholson will be flying into managua on june 22, and we’ll all be in la concha for four weeks until we head back to minneapolis together in july. ruby’s plan: spanish school, sharing her gardening skills at la mariposa’s organic farm, and staying with a host family that lives a few minutes’ walk from mine. and alice: studying spanish as well, hopefully playing with adorable little kids as a volunteer at a day care center in town (as long as the school can arrange for her transportation there–if that doesn’t work out we will all figure out a next-best plan) and joining me at my host family’s house, where we’ll stay together for the month.

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